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O'Casey's Bed and Breakfast - Enjoy a San Antonio Bed and Breakfasts Turn-of-the Century Ambience - Inns

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed inside buildings at O'Casey's.  Guests may smoke outside on the grounds or porch.  Ashtrays are provided.

Pricing: The rates posted on our web site are for regular weekdays and  weekends.  During special events when accommodations are at a premium, we may charge higher rates.  Rates for such events will be posted on our web site or made clear when you call for a reservation.  Many times we may also have rates available that are lower than those posted (often  for weekdays or even weekends when occupancy is light).  Call and ask us or send an email.  We're glad to respond.

Minimum Stay: On weekends and holidays we normally ask for stays of two nights or more.  Often we may have a single night available on a weekend.  We are certainly willing to offer them whenever they are available.  Call and ask us or send an email.  We're glad to respond.

Cancellation Policies:  We always do our best to find other guests to fill a cancelled room reservation.  If we are successful, we don't charge a cancellation fee.  If we can't fill the room, the following policies apply:

  • For a reservation of one or two rooms:  If you cancel a confirmed reservation within 7 days of your planned arrival date, you may be charged a fee equal to one night's lodging for the room(s) you reserved. 

  • For special events and multiple reservation of three or more rooms: Twenty-one (21) days prior to your arrival we will charge your credit card for one night's lodging.  If you cancel within 21 days of your planned arrival, we will do all possible to rent the rooms to others.  When we reach your planned arrival date, we will return the deposit to you less the cost of un-rented rooms.  

Deposits:  We usually accept a valid credit card number over the phone to secure your room reservation.  In lieu of a valid credit card number, you may send a check or money order for one night's lodging.  Our address is 225 West Craig Place, San Antonio, TX 78212-3422.

Discounts and Specials:  We can offer only one discount or special pricing on a room.  For example, if you are receiving a special rate for a weeknight or for an extended stay, we cannot offer you an additional discount for senior citizens, or auto club membership, etc.

Payment:  You may pay you bill using a debit card or Master Card, VISA, Discover Card, or American Express credit cards.  We also accept traveler's checks, and cash.

Children:  We welcome children at O'Casey's.  Any room in which children stay must also have an adult staying in the room.

Extra Guests:  Our published rates are for double occupancy (two guests per room).  Additional guests including children in any room are $12 each plus tax per night.  Exceptions are Rooms with family rates posted.

Pets:  We have two studio apartments in the carriage house where we allow guests to stay with pets.  We charge a pet fee of $10 per stay up to 1 week.  If you stay longer than a week the fee is $10 per week or portion of a week.

O'Casey's Bed and Breakfast - Enjoy a San Antonio Bed and Breakfasts Turn-of-the Century Ambience - Inns

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